About the Company

Nbisiing Power

Since January 2021, Nipissing First Nation & Composite Power Group have been building a relationship and working towards a successful and lasting partnership, guided by the vision, mission and values both partners bring.

Nbisiing Power is an Electrical Power Equipment reseller created through a limited partnership, majority owned by Nipissing First Nation, with Composite Power Group Inc. Nbisiing Power’s head office is located in Nipissing First Nation – Bineshii Business Park

Nipissing First Nation

Nipissing First Nation (NFN) is classified as an urban reserve and is located on the north shore of Lake Nipissing, approximately 320 kilometres north of Toronto. The people of Nipissing First Nation, known as the Nbisiing Anishinaabeg, are of Ojibway and Algonquin descent and have lived in the area of Lake Nipissing since time immemorial. Nipissing First Nation prides itself on being a progressive nation that emphasizes fairness, accountability, balance and consideration of future generations in all decision making.

Composite Power Group

Composite Power Group (Composite Power Group (compow.com) is an electrical equipment manufacturers’ representative firm that provides technical, hands-on, local sales representation for industry-leading companies that supply products and services to the electric power industry with regional offices located in Ontario, Eastern and Western Canada.

Composite Power Group Inc. has operated as an electrical utility sales representative company for over 35 years.  In that time, we have grown to become Canada’s leading utility sales representative by diligently representing our manufacturers, and by developing and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Composite Power Group focuses on the Canadian electrical utility industry.  We actively establish, maintain and develop strategic relationships between our customers and our manufacturers.